Monday, May 18, 2009


I sit next to little Aylin at work every day. Our chairs are about four feet away from each other and though we chat verbally most of the time, we also spend a considerable amount of time on gchat passing quotes, links, articles and stupid humor only she and I would understand. Its rare when you find someone who shares your stupid humor and I have to say, I love my little Aylin.

She invited Tyson and I to her brunch birthday and it just so happened to be a glorious, sunny day of about 70 degrees. Knowing her husband Steve is an amazing cook, I skipped breakfast to make room for as much delicious food as possible. And stuff my face I did with biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit with mint leaves, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and truffle oil and roasted potatoes.

Here is my sweet Aylin in a croquet birthday rage. Awwww.

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