Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maren.

Well, its May 20th. On this day in 2005 an incredibly beautiful baby girl was born. The first baby of the Zimney family. Maren. Oh the excitement! I have to say, I wasn't very comfortable holding babies at the time and I was nervous, upon arrival at the hospital, at the prospect of not only having to hold the baby but [gasp!] be watched holding the baby. Looking back, so much of my life at the time seemed under a microscope. Today, I'm still no expert in the baby arena, but there's an ease involved that I've never felt before. A comfort in the fact that the teeny tiny baby just wants to be held. To feel love and warmth. And I'm excited to hold them! For hours. Or to wave at the population under the age of two in restaurants. So much fun. For lack of a more original and less obvious phrase they are so...fresh and new and bright-eyed and full of wonder. I love to get the attention of a little peanut and say things in high-pitched tones just trying to get some attention. Or better yet, a laugh.

Maren is four years old today! And though I'm her Godmother, I hardly feel a closeness one might hope to feel with their Godmother. Unfortunate and unplanned circumstances have made this relationship not altogether ideal. I hope that at some point in our lives she and I will sit together and enjoy eachothers' company. I hope we will laugh, tell stories, ask questions and see each other as important people to one another. And I hope she'll understand, as I've had to realize, that nothing in life is ever certain. Life happens when we're making plans. This isn't a bad thing! Life is an adventure. We must grab ahold of it and no matter what twists and turns may come up, we need to appreciate those around us and appreciate the gift that is life.

Happy Birthday, Maren. I wish I was there to give you a hug. Probably squeeze you in an uncomfortable way that makes you want to run to your mom, but there nonetheless.

And maybe crazy to say, but I love you!

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bess said...

Quite the motivational posts recently, A. :)