Thursday, May 21, 2009

brown bean.

When I was little I would spend the entire day outside playing. My skin would be so tan by the middle of summer that my mom would say I looked just like a "brown bean". I nearly spent the entire last weekend outside and not only do I look like a brown bean, but it was awesome.

Volunteer park on a blanket reading with B for several hours in a bikini. I realize I'm not in my twenties anymore so the concept of "laying out" isn't really something I'm into, but my skin was so pale I looked dead. A little color never hurt anyone. Maybe. I have to say it feels good to look alive again.

A jog, a shower and then Tyson arrived in Seattle from the peninsula. We spent the entire day Sunday on our bikes. We biked over to the Pike Place market for a wine and cheese festival and then sat with some margaritas.

Stopped by a minor league baseball game. Headed over to Queen Anne for tacos. To a lacrosse game with friends. And back up to Capitol Hill by 6:30pm for some grilling on my deck. Glorious are the days of blue skies and 70+ temperatures.

I'm heading to NYC on a jet plane Saturday morning. Posts to come next week. Happy Holiday!

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