Friday, May 8, 2009


Tyson's best friends from Chicago (U of I) flew in last weekend for a visit. Dave and Jen. I had never met them, and after a couple years of stories and pictures I was eager to finally get to know them a little bit. Um, and now I want them to live next door. Or possibly on a commune with us in the future or something.

They arrived late last Thursday and we spent a few hours chatting before going to sleep. Friday was jam packed: Canoeing at the Arboretum, Pike's Market for LOTS of seafood, a happy hour beer at the Pink Door and then back to my place for grilling and relaxing on my roof. Salmon, mussels, a whole crab, tuna and halibut = Feast of amazing delight.

Early on I started realizing the similarities of Jen and I: We have the same taste in design and furniture. We share similar views on a lot of "hot button" topics. Similar fashion sense and we both now own the same pair of shoes. We enjoy cooking and hiking and running.

And, we have the same taste in men! Seriously. Tyson and Dave are hilarious together. Nearly the same person hilarious. Same height and build. Same color eyes. Same temperament. Relaxed and comfortable to be around. Genuine and sincere. Same little games. Same humor. So often we would catch ourselves laughing at them and their adorable friendship. Here they are catching up over an intense game of battleship.

We rounded out the weekend with some pinball at Shorty's. Some sandwiches at Paseo. And a little time running around Discovery Park. I wish we were doing it all again this weekend.

It was so great to meet Jen and Dave. I honestly felt a little deflated after we dropped them at the airport. Bummed out. Like life is more fun with Dave and Jen around. This is why we've concocted the dream of possibly becoming neighbors some day. I really like this dream. I see a garden, a woodshed, shared closets, shared meals and lots of good times.


Jennifer said...

Nice post! Thanks for all the sweet comments... i can assure you the sentiments are shared!

As soon as I stop feeling like death i will post my photos and send them on. I liked seeing yours too, though. Missing Seattle...
I actually had to turn the heat back on in my apartment today. That is no way to spend May!

David said...

Wish we were still there too! Man... was a fun weekend, still thinking about it pretty much every day. And Goep if you read this. I want a re-match in Battleship, you are going down!
Thanks so much for the hospitality and overall swell time. Hopefully see you guys soon!