Monday, November 7, 2011


I had an interesting conversation with a girlfriend the other day. Sparked by this post, we launched into a chat about worrying. You sort of assume, I suppose, that everyone worries. But I found myself surprised by the things that this friend worried about. Things I would NEVER guess. And she expressed the same about my admitted fears, and things that give me anxiety.

And I can usually tell (now that I'm thirty-wise-three) when the tidal wave is coming. Sometimes hormone-related, other times not. Its like, "shit, here it comes!" Even still I can't seem to identify that I'm in one of those spirals though when I'm IN IT. We called it "going to our bad place". For me inevitably I begin to worry about what everyone around me is thinking. I know, I know...this is silly. I get it. But I can't help it! And it becomes paralyzing. I feel like a crazy bitch! For a few days I become suspect to tone and intentions, and worry about what someone "meant" by something. If it gets really ugly I start to wonder where the hell my life is going, and oh boy, that's fun. Give it a few days and I look back and always think, "Well, that was stupid." Its like POOF, all of those really intense emotions and fears are just gone. Gone.

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It killed me to hear my girlfriend report that her worry is ultimately: that she doesn't have any talent (Oh my, so wrong in so many ways). And also that she worries about feeling sorry for herself, like a victim...when really, she should just be empowered and the steer the course of her life where she wants it to go.

Why is it that we can really be our own worst enemies? Our minds our toughest obstacles?

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