Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So, I'm taking a powertools class tonight at the West Seattle Tool Library. Yup. I like how its titled: PowerTools 101. Lose your fear, not your fingers. 
Love it.

The class is described as the following:  
Join instructor Amy Ecklund, as she welcomes you in to the basics of using small powertools such as circular saws, jigsaws, powerdrills, impact drivers, nail guns, and miter saws.  As part of the class, you’ll demonstrate what you’ve learned by building a take-home, cedar planter box.

My goal is to eventually build a table. And then maybe more tables if I enjoy the process. I'm sure its waaaaay harder than I think (things typically are as my brain tends to oversimplify things), but I'm gonna give it a go. I like wood and woodworking projects in general so it should be a good time.

Then the plan is to head over to ReStore - a local non-profit that sells used building materials - and find me some wood! ReStore is one of the most incredible gems on the planet. One can get lost in the endless drawers of random things and aisles of old wood, doors and windows. I found the giant timbers for my mounted shelves there a few years ago and I still marvel at how much I love them.

If possible, I'd like to build the top out of recycled wood using biscuit joiners. I just learned what a biscuit joiner is. Good times. And my end goal is something of the like:
And maybe someday I'll learn how to weld and make super cool metal bases. Heck, if I had a studio/workspace the dreams could just keep going and going as I'd love to make a table top with a chevron pattern. Of different stains and colors. How, HOW can I make this happen? Need tools and space and someone to help teach me. Keeps the dreams alive I guess.

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jamieofalltrades said...

Go see Like Crazy. One, it's just a good movie but there's a furniture building component too!