Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Holiday Season

Well, working for a retailer I've been feeling the holiday season looming for about six months now. And, its finally here! I am a cheesy lover of all things classic when it comes to holidays:
+ multiple holiday parties with both family and friends
+ going out and actually cutting down our Christmas tree
+ listening to holiday music - any good, new suggestions?
+ sipping spiced apple cider
+ swapping out my pillow cases for winter-themed ones made with fabric from Stitches
+ cookie baking/decorating parties whilst Love Actually and The Family Stone play in the background
+ eating
+ eating more

Imagine a cozy holiday gathering in these rooms. Fireplace, sipping wine, smells of delicious food coming from that kitchen. Good stuff!

am in the market for some new traditions though. Any thoughts?

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