Saturday, January 9, 2010

And so it begins.

Well, our journey commenced. Yesterday Aylin graciously swept us off to the airport. She pulled away from the curb with a wave and small chuckle at Tyson and I and our ridiculousness that was our bags + box containing a bike. Pack on back. Pack on front. Hand-held bag and a purse to boot.

I can't really say it was sad to leave Seattle. I don't really think I had the time or the brain capacity to process being sad. With a flurry of packing and planning and traveling to MN for the holidays there just wasn't anything I could do except point the ship in the direction of the airport and get on the plane. Reflection saved for later I suppose.

We flew to LA.
Then to Sydney, Aus.
Then to Queenstown, NZ.

Here is the coast off of Sydney.

Here is our view as we came through the cloud layer and over Queenstown. Even on a cloudy day its pretty stunning.

Feet on the ground.

So yeah. It hasn't quite set in. Not sure when it will. Still feels a bit like vacation and a visit. So much to figure out i.e. jobs, phones, bikes, a nail file, possibly a basket to keep my unmentionables in the closet. But yesterday couldn't have been a more perfect start. We landed and Caitlin and Loren picked us up from the airport in their real cool truck. Lovely to have a familiar face greet us. They showed us to our room and literally there were chocolates on the night stand, a journal (with pen) in the drawer and towels and soap folded on the bed. Caitlin never fails to think of every detail. Then it was a quick shower and off to town for a celebratory beer. Some of their friends joined us and as I looked around the table I couldn't believe that yesterday I was in Seattle hugging and wishing my friends well, and boom! -now I was sitting in a new world with new friends. Just like that. And three days even before that, I was in MN with friends and loved ones sitting around a table. Crazy how my world has spun in the last week or so. Anyway, I digress. After beers we zipped back to the house for dinner.

Anyone who has had a dinner prepared by Caitlin knows she's crazy great in the kitchen. Did I mention there were chocolates on the nighstand!? This girl is a sight. Our first meal in NZ = Lamb burgers, tabbouleh, falafel, and salad with sun dried tomatoes. We drank, ate, and were merry.

We're here! Stay tuned.


bess said...

Holy smokes! So excited (and jealous)!

janna said...

Can't wait to see more! I will be checking this religiously because I already miss you SO much!
Have fun and enjoy your awesome adventure!

Jamieofalltrades said...

Sounds like an easy trip over and a warm greeting. Can't wait to see what happens next. I don't know what I'm more excited for - your adventures or what you cook in that kitchen. Just kidding. Have fun! xoxo

hales02 said...