Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday. Saturday. A pretty "cruisy" day on the all around. Every day is pretty cruisy around these parts. For the most part I enjoy this. However, I do have moments of panic when the Project Manager in me feels like I should be accomplishing something. Checking it off the list I suppose. You see, I have made maybe one list since arrival. Making a list no less than 4 times a day is not unusual for me back home. Aside from starting my job, I don't really have things to do per say. I don't have house projects or errands to run for the most part. I don't have a social life aside from things Caitlin and Loren plan and subsequently invite us. The craziest part of this new life of no agenda is that I haven't had a cell phone since arrival. Yes, I have borrowed Tyson's phone on occasion and I definitely use Skype, but the daily text exchanges and voicemail retrieval is non-existent. Its odd going from literally 1500 minutes/month plus maniacal texting to literally zero communication via telephone. I thought I would want to kill myself and yet, I hardly had a mourning period. Why is that? How is that even possible? I'm not really sure. I am looking forward to the structure my job is going to bring me. And, AND! -Tyson now has a job also! We will both be bringing home the bacon. And I think this will be a welcome change for our relationship which has been pretty much he and I hanging out non-stop and not a lot of time for just little ole me. Andrea Time = important. We'll be meeting some new people and share the stories of our days in the evenings. On another note, we are moving tomorrow also which I think will do wonders for me. Independence. New people. Getting to town will be tangible. Another experience. This New Zealand thing strikes me as quite odd sometimes. How it all unfolded and how its still unfolding.

At any rate, getting back to Saturday. Caits, Tyson and I decided that the old fashioned run was not going to be our workout of choice. Instead we opted for a swift pace along the Moonlight Track. Alas, our workout was as good as gold. Later that evening one of Caitlin's girlfriends was celebrating a birthday and we tagged along. Fun to be out on the town and meeting people.

I will say that though I'm enjoying myself quite a lot and meeting some great people, I'm still struggling a little bit. I'm struggling to find my place here and to feel comfy just yet. And I'm struggling to find what I want to get out of this experience. I know its all part of the process and I think its why I'm able to cruise along keeping anxiety to a minimum. Week Four will prove to be pivotol I think. As mentioned, we are moving and we will both be working. Looking forward to another week here and all that New Zealand has to offer.

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suzie said...

Wow!! those pics are beautiful! They sure beat the view from my couch!(: I think that is the glory of this trip. You don't need multiple daily to do lists.. you just get to live!