Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting out.

Heading out of town this weekend to go camping on the southern coast. I simply cannot wait. From the moment we made the decision to go and the rental car was booked, I instantly felt more alive. More normal. Freedom! We have a car. Part of this experience is working and living, and part of it is obviously travel and seeing the country. I'm gonna go do that. Back next week!

On a side note, here's another excerpt from that fantastic book continued from the other day. I'm sure variations on this type of story have been told in a million ways, but I really grabbed onto it. And I didn't feel like typing so hopefully its actually legible. Hugs!

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TheGumballMachine said...

Great passage, i owe you an email. will get to that shortly. enjoy the road trip.camping.views.tyson.the day and the next day and the day after that. enjoy the just being. the world is spinning fast, nature is happening for better or worse. enjoy the moments of peace freeze in time with your camera. worry later and be happy with the now. loved the book scan, out to buy it, now! xx