Monday, January 18, 2010

Hire me, please.

Pounded the pavement yesterday. So odd after many years working "professionally" to simply walk around and ask, "Hello, do you happen to be hiring?" Humbling, really. The first few places I popped into were my first choices, one of which = Destination Organic, a natural foods store where I thought it would be fun to learn about food and cooking and possibly purchase all natural make-up and care products. Their answer, "Nope, we're not hiring (insert a teeny laugh). We're actually selling the store so you can buy and hire yourself if you'd like." Um, no thanks. Cut to me walking out of the store with my tail between my legs. By the time the fourth and fifth places told me they too were not hiring I let my standards drop, and started asking just about anyone. This method proved successful and by the end of the day I'd handed out eight resumes and generated some interest. Then there's the ever so enticing question of Do I want to do something "cool" in NZ, or just do something, and then use whatever means to do cool things thereafter? I think it may end up being the latter.

At any rate, I've since had one interview with a high-end clothing boutique of which I would NEVER buy anything inside, and have been offered the job. Twenty hours a week paying probably $18-$20/hour. I am interviewing with another clothing shop probably today or tomorrow and the draw on this particular place is that its near the lake, and views through the large windows inside yield mountains and water. Sigh, sounds relaxing to me after the stress of working in advertising for so many years.

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kristi said...

Wow. Humbling experience to say the least. I think either of the clothing shops sounds like a great options. What are some alternatives other than the food store?

I seriously can't believe your courage.

"You're really doin' man!"