Thursday, June 25, 2009

Solstice celebration!

On Saturday, the streets of Fremont filled with hippies and common folk alike. The distinct smell of a different kind of smoke filled the air. I had been sipping mimosas by 10am and was pumped to see the parade I'd heard so much about over the years.

So lots of people were naked. Just riding along on their bikes. Or, some of them, just walking along. I'm not sure how Fremont seems to bypass the ole naked people laws, but I think it has something to do with the fact that the tradition is to be naked, but painted. And of course there were a few who must not have felt the need for paint - usually ones who NEEDED the paint. But alas it was a great time! The spirit of freedom and glee was contagious and I felt my soul get a little lighter watching people dance and laugh and celebrate - the Solstice!

I think a group of us are going to ride in the parade next year. Its going to be all about the garbage bag cover up before the moment of riding glory!

Parents cover the kiddies' eyes! And yep, its all paint.

The parade wasn't JUST the bikers though. Floats of dancers and music and drum corps all walking along waving and having the breast, er I mean, best time. Tee hee. Pun intended.

Happy Solstice, everyone.

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