Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Solstice buddies.

Saturday morning Tyson and I set off on our bikes en route to the Fremont neighborhood. It was the Summer Solstice celebration + parade. For three summers I've only heard great things about Solstice - i.e. NAKED BIKERS - and for whatever reason, never seemed to be in town to actually participate. Many of my friends live in Fremont and therefore it was a day filled with parties, bbq's and bike riding - starting at 10am.

Lisa pretending she likes volleyball:
(Great form!)

Stopped by a bar and sipped a Hefeweizen with Angie, Teresa and Wendy + Lisa and all her pals.

Janna in the beer garden:

The final destination: a BBQ hosted by Rob's sister, Tisha. Duel purposed, we were also gathering to do a bit of group planning for this years' second annual Beer Olympics at Rob's parents cabin. In keeping with Rob and Claude's always solid organization, Rob actually brought out an easel and enlisted the group to provide details on what went Well last year, and what could be Improved:

Then we all just hung out. Ate grilled delights. Cracked a few beers. Played lawn games. Laughed. Overall a really great day.


Jamieofalltrades said...

I had so much going on last weekend I missed this! Of course Janna was in the beer garden. :)

jhoran403 said...

holy goodness that looks like a fantastic day...color me slightly jealous.