Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lack there of..

Well, another camera bites the dust. Its amazing. The very first Canon I ever had was indestructible. I mean, I threw that baby right into the pocket of my snowboarding pants sans any kind of camera case and never batted an eye about the possibility of it actually breaking. I'm not sure it ever did. I may have lost it. In any case, the THREE cameras I've had since have had issue after issue. And now, I have issues. Alas a granule of sand (I believe) found its way into the lens of the current camera on a beach camping trip two weekends ago. An amazing time. The photos locked on my memory card until I solve this little mess.

I've been keeping fairly busy. All of which is undocumented. I have to say, a little freeing. And a little bit more in the moment of activities. But still, a teeny nag there in the back of my mind as I'll soon start itching to snap little moments of larger experiences.

Undocumented so far I've found myself <<<<<

Playing multiple rounds Buck Hunter and pinball at Shorty's.
Digging for weeds, shoveling compost and hauling for the Seattle Farm Company with Aylin and Tyson last weekend.
A day biking to Seward Park and Elliot Bay Bookstore
The purchase of a Lanikai Baritone Ukulele and a chord book - wish me luck
Running. lots of running. ...still trying to decide and commit to running the Portland Marathon
And day after day of sunshine and gloriously 70s temperatures that I'm certain must come to an end soon lest I happen to live in the perfect weather city in America. Oh the pressure.

AND! And, I am finally after nearly four years living in Seattle, attending the Soltice celebration in the Fremont neighborhood this weekend. This celebration entails a parade including painted naked people riding on bikes. I need a camera.


janna said...
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janna said...

I don't have a camera either and it's killing me! I sent it off to get repaired and every day I check the mail box looking for it's safe return. Boo.
Hopefully I'll have it back in time for the parade! :)