Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teanaway Cabin :: Two.

Being in the middle of nowhere devoid of anything communicable, one might think the only thing to do is relax. Yes, this is one approach and something Tyson and I certainly did throughout the weekend. But somehow there's also tons of things to do and see and learn. One of which, for me, was splitting wood! Well, or attempting to split wood. Tyson was a good teacher - that wasn't the problem. And if only I felt okay about sharing the video footage of how pathetic I was, you'd be able to understand why only Tyson will split the wood going forward.

Yum: Steak, onions and potatoes.

And we were off! With the Swiss Bobsled strapped to Tyson's back, we slapped on our snowshoes and headed up the mountain to the ridge top. Most of the hike was pretty steep and I was happy when we reached the top in a little over an hour.

From there we could see for miles and miles. We sat around in the sunshine and walked along the ridge sledding on anything we could that wouldn't kill us. Eventually when it was time to head back down, we sat down on our bums and let gravity take us to the bottom.


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hales02 said...

Thanks for sharing - what a great idea for a Christmas gift. Love it own it.