Monday, April 6, 2009

celebrate good times.

A couple years ago I was having lively conversation with a guy who lived in Aspen. Lively flirting and that's about it. Two years later, and we are still having lively, flirtatious conversations.

Reflecting back on the past two years, I am nothing short of happy for all the experiences we've shared. We have done some amazing things! And learned so much about each other. We laugh. Oh my! We laugh every single day. Usually about things no one else would ever laugh at. We've had some difficult times and found a way to power through which isn't always fun, but usually makes us grow. And Tyson has turned out to be someone I hold so close to my heart. I feel very lucky to have met him on that crazy girls' weekend in Aspen.

We made plans to celebrate our anniversary last week, and it just so happened that Tyson was also offered a position as a Wilderness and Trails Ranger on the Olympic Peninsula. I am so proud of Tyson! - and I'm thrilled he's going to have the chance to live in the forest and do something he loves all summer. Multiple reasons to paint the town.

We popped into Happy Hour at Barrio. Tacos, margaritas and made-to-order guacamole.

Then it was off to clowns everywhere and hipster-filled Shorty's for some PBR, Buck Hunter and multiple rounds of pinball. We were two FREE games in when we finally realized No, its not just "the best day ever" and that actually, it was customer appreciation night = pinball was free All Night Long. Tiny celebration dance. The PBRs were flowing at $1.25 apiece and two Shorty's mugs MAY have landed in my purse to come home with us.

We had so much fun and I think we were really able to sit back, let out a long sigh and relax after a week of stressful wondering about what was in store for us this summer: With an outstanding offer to Ranger in Colorado, was Tyson going to spend the summer as a ranger in Colorado, or Washington?

And the call came in, Washington it is. Congrats, baby. Cheers to your summer in the woods.

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janna said...

Yay to you and Ty Guy! I love you lovebirds :)