Monday, April 13, 2009

the smell of sawdust.

I've been yapping on and on and on and on about house projects over the last few months. Oh those projects, they're so easy to dream up. Easy to go out and buy all of the materials. Not so easy to actually follow-through and finish.

I've ordered tile...I've had someone measure for a new door...I've picked out grout colors...I bought a giant sponge. -All in preparation for various projects. But last week I actually finished something: Shelving.

Having stacks of books on my floor for over a year I was eager to buy/install some sort of shelving. I shopped and looked through magazines for ideas but never really found anything I liked for the intended space. Eventually I popped into Restore and found some 3.5"-thick timbers, and after my first experience with a belt sander they looked amazing! Last Thursday night Tyson helped me mount the brackets and the shelves are up! Glorious.

Finding studs. I even have a stud-finder. Notice the hole that says "no".

1 comment:

janna said...

Love the shelves!
You look like a pretty little
son of a bitch with that drill in your hand ;)