Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sring flowers.

Last weekend the weather was hard to beat. Sunny. 70 degrees. It reminded me of what it felt like in MN on the first day you didn't have to wear a coat. Bare skin exposed to fresh air and yet, the sun feels so warm on your arms and legs. A novelty after months of scarves and socks.

My deck hadn't been used in months and wasn't really in a place where a person could, or would ever want to, relax and sit in the sunshine - dirty and cluttered from months of winter neglect. In an effort to be productive in the sunshine, I went out and picked up several herbs and flowers and spent the morning planting. I scrubbed. I dusted. And when everything was clean and the furniture back neatly in its place I sat. I sat in the sunshine and enjoyed my teeny outdoor space. But with new flowers and herbs!

I spent the afternoon playing:
Checking out the beautiful, white peaks of the Olympic Mountains from the rooftop deck.

I met up with Tyson and we pedaled from Capitol Hill, through Fremont - stopping off for a beer on the deck at Canal Street - all the way over to Golden Gardens for a little bit of the sunset.

Hurry up, Summer. I'm anxiously waiting for more Sundays spent in a similar fashion.

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bess said...

Such an Ace shirt. :)