Thursday, April 23, 2009

spring camping

Usually when the MINI is filled to brim such as this, it means good times are ahead.

One of the things I like best about Tyson and I is our flexible and whimsical decision-making. I also think we're similar in that he and I can pretty much have fun doing just about anything. This combination can make for mini adventures at any given moment and last week we decided on Wednesday to head out of town for the weekend on a camping trip/hiking trip/closing day snowboarding at Steven's Pass trip. I think the conversation went something like, "That sounds fun." Followed by a "Yeah, let's just do it." "Done."

This didn't lend itself to careful consideration or organization however, and when we put my car in drive we left behind a cutting board, a pot or pan of any kind for cooking, Tyson's gaiters and nearly his sleeping bag too. Whoopsie.

We hit the road at 6:30am Saturday morning. The goal was to hike to Surprise Lake in the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest but, unfortunately, due to a late spring and too much snow, we didn't find the trailhead and decided to take our "own route". Yeah well, we hiked in and around for about 3 hours in the snow and eventually decided to turn around. And ironically, when we arrived back at the car we ran right into the trailhead!

None of the campgrounds were open yet, but we found a nice little spot about seven miles off of Hwy 2 and set up our tent. Then it was gardenburgers (cooked in a pie tin we picked up along the way), PBR and some good tunes. And for some reason - and NO, not because of illegal substance - everything was hilarious.

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