Thursday, April 16, 2009

I don't remember "denim" being a color choice.

The secular side of Easter calls for all things pale and also bunnies, candy, hunts involving all aforementioned things and of course the dying of the eggs.

Tyson and I joined forces with his sister and her husband last Saturday to color 14 eggs. The PAAS egg coloring kit contained NINE color tablets to mix in a glass with vinegar for a "Ultra Vibrant colored eggs". I don't ever remember having so many choices and I certainly don't remember "Denim" among the traditional red, orange and yellow. It's 2009 though, and denim was my favorite.

At one point I think Tracy - gasp! - made the claim that it wasn't possible to create a Rainbow egg. Scott loves to prove people wrong. And he did.

Tyson was really into the dipping tool and couldn't believe there was only one tool per box of egg-coloring materials. He remembered saving the tools from year-to-year when he was a kid in an effort to collect enough tools for all to use. Oh Tyson. Isn't he cute?

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