Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birdy, B and Hales > 1

Oh vacation. Its funny how when you go on vacation your psyche goes into a completely different mode. Real life is there somewhere. Somewhere way back in the corners of your mind. But for the most part, your mind and body fall away into another place where all things real life fade away, and what's left is usually relaxed, present, and let's be honest, in vacation mode. I've been so grateful for so many visitors this summer. And ironically, even though my guests are on vacation visiting me in my real life, it sort of puts me in vacation mode as well. An excuse to eat more, to act like an idiot a considerable amount more, to drink martinis, to laugh at nothing, to thoroughly enjoy all things...and maybe, to get a tattoo.

Haley and Crow blew into Seattle on Thursday afternoon and an immediately stop was Trader Joe's for snacks and wine. We relaxed in my condo for a few hours sipping wine and catching up. Tyson came by to pick up his previously misplaced cell phone and joined in the conversation also. I think he sent Haley into a tailspin of sorrow after telling her that once you touch a moth's wings they eventually die anyway, so picking them up and releasing them into nature doesn't actually save them. Insert photo of a distressed Haley searching the internet for answers.

We then headed out for dinner, more talking and laughing, and eventually went to bed early intending to arrive at the REI sale 30 minutes before the store opened. I'm not sure Haley and Crow were planning to go to this sale when they booked their flight, but I had them all fired up.

That morning Crow mentioned an interest in getting a tattoo. For those of you who don't know Michelle, a tattoo is a bit of a shocking admittance. She's great! ...but usually more of a straight arrow and I think Haley and I were reeling at the possibility, but I personally didn't think she would do it. Bethie came in around noon and all of us were starving. We hit up Volunteer Park Cafe. Then it was off to the Super Genius tattoo parlor.

Immediately entering, the music was loud, sort of hate-filled and devil sounding. I was watching Crow and anticipating a freak out and an immediate exit. Nope. She was determined.

Even after meeting her designated artist and having him be somewhat pushy, rude and ultimately a bit of an angry man, Crow forged ahead. She had made her decision and she was getting a tattoo before she turns 30. So fun! Sean was a smidge concerned during the follow-up phonecall. I think he felt girls' weekend had taken his wife and he wondered when the real Michelle was going to please stand up.

After Birdy was inked, we headed out for martinis and snacks and then headed home to eat take-out and drink wine on my rooftop deck.

We basically sat there all night looking out at the Puget sound, the Olympic mountains and the downtown skyline and just talked and talked and talked ...and I loved it so much. I get choked up just thinking about the quality friendship time during our weekend. Again, you don't get that when you just go out for dinner or drinks or even go to a cabin. There's usually something to do, something to get up and drive home for. I feel that trips are what really bring people closer. I think its why I like ski trips so much. Spending time outside and being active together but then loads of sitting around and just being together. Throughout the weekend I kept thinking how great it would be if they all lived here. But even then, it wouldn't be the same. Jobs, kids and families. Vacation baby, truly fantastic way to be with friends!

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