Monday, August 11, 2008

Beer Olympics 2008

Tyson and I were invited to participate in the first annual Mason Lake Beer Olympics hosted by our friend and my co-worker, Rob. We caught the ferry early last Saturday morning and looked for signs directing us to the cabin. Each team consists of two guys and two gals. You must have both a uniform and a flag, and your team name must represent your country which can be either real or fake. A sampling: The Vatican, Athens: Tappa Kegga Brew, The Republic of Mustachia (yep, mustaches). We were Ballgium -play-on-words of Belgium. Don't judge me, Grandma and parents, I didn't come up with it. Rob's parents hosted beer olympics for ten years in the 80's. They have photos to prove it. On the fridge I noticed one of his dad, Bob, running down the dock with a flaming torch in his hand. No joke.

Seven teams lined up in the driveway as "inspiring" symphony music blared from the boombox. We processed down onto the dock with our flags leading the way. At that time, Bob snapped polaroids of each team, blew a whistle and the games began. Both Bob and Genie were very active parents in the games. Bob toted a bullhorn and stopwatch for the first event: Boys in the row boat blindfolded, girls dictating where to go. Destination was Temptation Island (or the floating dock) in which case both girls had to be out of the boat and on the dock, drink a Miller Light, get back in the boat and tell the guys how to get back to shore. All the while, Bob is timing you and the rest of the teams are heckling you from the shore. One team spun their boat in a circle three times, another hit the dock. Hilarious event.

There were five events in total: The rowboat, the football toss - which the parents scored with number cards, beer pong, holy boards (otherwise known as washers) and the final event was flip-cup. A roaring finish.

Our team placed second earning us a silver medal. It was so much fun and I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. Insert plug - If only my parents would buy that cabin on Lake Minnetonka, I'd host Beer Olympics 2009.

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Teresa O'Driscoll said...

Sounds like sooo much fun!! I love the tests of both teamwork and individual drinking ability!