Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beach camping on the WA coast.

Last Friday, Lisa B, Tyson and I headed out of Seattle on the Bainbridge ferry bound for the Olympic Penninsula and the WA coast in Forks. We were meeting up to camp on the beach with six other people. Arriving at almost midnight, we donned our headlamps for the hike through the rainforest with our backpacks on -Busch light in hand. After 25 minutes or so we started to hear the sounds of the ocean and knew we were close. The three of us set up our tents and I tried to ignore the beattles crawling around in the sand. Tyson and I headed out to check out the beach in the dark and still managed to see some jelly fish washed up on the shore.

Saturday we woke to grey skies and a smidge of rain. The rest of the folks showed up and we ended up with the fanciest camp site(s) of all time. One area for all of the tents. Then the site next door was commandeered. It had been left behind by some boy scouts and still had warm coals in the firepit. And a sweet rock off to the left provided some rain shelter for our collected wood - we called it our "garage". Once fed and at least one beer in, we all headed out on a hike to the next beach. The entire trip was one of relaxed playing. We skipped rocks on the beach, sat on some logs, chatted...basically did nothing really significant execpt hang out together.

That night we all made our respective dinners ooohing and ahhhing over each others' gear and dinner choices. We sat around a fire and drank wine late into the night. Tyson brought his glowing frisbee and some of us threw it around in the black of night, aiming only for the sound of voices. So much fun. And though I absolutely love spending time with Tyson, it was really fun to camp and hike with such a big, fun group.

Unfortunately I managed to lodge some sand in my camera lense and it is currently on the fritz. Its being serviced and I hope to post photos from this trip very soon! Until then, you get the one sent from my girlfriend, Nan.

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