Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birdy, B and Hales > 2

Saturday, Bess and Teresa joined us, and we headed out of the city to go hiking on the Denny Creek trail near Snoqualmie Pass. The weather was absolutely perfect and it seemed the group really had no agenda or sense of time. We stopped to eat our sandwiches and rest in the shade. Haley opted for a sandwich fit for a giant, resting state: 6" tall.

Then we headed down to an area with a recently collapsed ice cave and a waterfall. Some of us sat on the rocks and just relaxed. Some of us played around in the snow and water. At one point Haley and I decided we were going to become adventure climbers and "climb" down a rock wall to check out the area below. Yes, we are our own entertainment.

The hike was great. I love being outside and in nature with friends. Much like snowboarding trips, I love getting out and doing something together and then focusing on what type of meal it just earned us. We stopped by Whole Foods and picked up various items and then once again headed back to the rooftop. More chatter.

Then we headed out to meet Teresa, Wendy R (CSB) and the always entertaining Buckley for a few drinks. I loved connecting my Seattle friends with my MN friends. Somehow I wish we just all lived in the same city, but alas, we do not. I did appreciate the few hours spent with my two worlds.

And without sounding like the classic sign off, I really had an amazing weekend. And as Crow headed back to be with her family and start work the following day, I cried a little in the car on the way back from the airport. Then Haley and I dropped B off at the train station and reflected together on how great it was to see her. Haley, Tyson and I hit the market and relaxed until it was time to drop her off also. Tears. Lots of them. The weekend really was over. So much laughter and time together that hadn't been so quality since the living quarters of St. Bens.

Thank you for your visit. I love and miss you! And anyone who doesn't is "dead inside". HA!


suzie said...

love it, love it! Miss you girls!

suzie xo

hales02 said...

i might be dead inside, but you're gonna need to turn this sh*t up, yo! beautiful entry. miss you oodles.

hales02 said...

that was the sandwich of the century! miss you.