Monday, October 29, 2007

west side. part I

Suz and Jason were in Vancouver this weekend and Friday I made the road trip across the border to say hello. They were traveling with friends - Eric and Mary - who upon meeting I instantly knew we were all going to have a great time. After losing to Eric in ping pong {i was pissed!} shots were to be had = creamsicles.

Saturday we were up WAY too early. Ibuprofen. Then a two hour stunning drive up to Whistler. ...I napped a little bit.

We grabbed lunch at the Amsterdam cafe in Whistler village. Every time I'm in a ski town I just want to quit my job and be one of those people who spend a season being a service worker and snowboarding. Ski towns are happy towns. Tons to do. Mountains all around. Cozy outdoor heat lamps. A beer to celebrate after a long day outside.

After many failed attempts at finding the trail head [Jason's favorite part], we eventually embarked on the Singing pass trail. The scenery was beautiful. Eric was clearly the leader. And after some hand to foot climbing we all felt like we were on the Amazing Race!

Good times with Suz and Jas on the west side! See you in a few weeks in MN.

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