Monday, October 1, 2007

first night.

Friday night I closed. Lisa and Pete decided to celebrate with me by laying down my rug, playing music from my laptop and grabbing a bottle of champagne with some scrabble. So fun. A little too much fun for me as I think I was the only person drinking the champagne.

I was groggy the next day as I painted. One wall. Green.

Here's a lo-res shot of the only corner NOT containing boxes. Orange chairs. Opposite view as it was taken from my laptop camera. Its getting better. I hope to be unpacked and clean by the end of the week.

So, not to offend those who have created little ones. I love your babies! But I feel a bit like this condo is my little baby. Hence the multiple, proud, beaming posts.


bess said...

LOVE the green!

hales02 said...

ditto yo!

janna said...

love it. love it. love it.
can't wait to see it. see it. see it.