Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'tis the season

Cascade Volleyball club offered me the opportunity to coach again this year. Last club season was incredibly rewarding and fun and I still keep in touch with many of the girls. One of the mothers just invited me over for dinner! I was nervous, though, as I'm traveling a fair amount this year and the time commitment is big. Part-time? And who to coach? Follow the U12 gals into their U13 season or start fresh with a new team? Somehow the club managed to grant all my wishes. I'll be coaching half-time AND I'll be splitting my time between both the U12s and U13s. Get ready for some funny videos and stories. Try-outs are November 4.

This brings me to other exciting volleyball news. The University of Washington Husky volleyball team has just risen to 3rd in the country.

I've been attending games and they are incredible to watch. Great Fans. The pep band (love pep band!). And four of my U12 girls in the front row...every game. Many of the Husky volleyball players help out with our club. They teach clinics, they coach and they attend practices. We also use UW coach Jim McLaughlin's principals in everything we do and our club is based on the model he uses for his program. Last week, the then 5th-ranked Husky's played 7th-ranked UCLA and 4th-ranked USC at home. Both were swept performances. UW 3-0. Christal Morrison, Jessica Swarbrick, and Tamari Miyashiro were absolutely amazing.

Friday night I happened to sit in front of an elderly alum who was so excited over each play, cheering and yelling. After engaging him, he explained that he used to watch every game with his wife but had lost her in March. He recounted season after season of the historically successful team and it was so fun to see his eyes sparkle. I know I'm biased, but from little girls to grandpas, its such a fun sport to watch and be a part of. I can't wait for the club season to start!

UW plays number 2-ranked Stanford on November 8 at home. They've won 38 straight games at home. This will be a great match indeed.

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Seriously though, I think I saw a an ad for MAC makeup in the background of one of your VOLLEYBALL pictures. I'm not kidding.
and thats OK.