Friday, October 26, 2007

random discoveries.

1:::it actually IS possible to get into a fight with a partner, and not have anxiety and be sick to my stomach...because we can talk about it and respect each others' point of view.

2:::its fun to feel beautiful and totally accepted, even after having a bad cold with a runny gross nose, picking my face in the mirror, wearing sweatpants non-stop and having greasy hair.

3:::people ARE capable of realizing that we are all strange in our own ways. we all have insecurities. we all have weaknesses.

I don't know, maybe these items seem obvious to most. And to say them out loud it seemed like, "well duh! of course those things are important AND totally necessary!" But I don't think I ever knew what it felt like to feel 1-3. Its lovely! Somehow along the way, I believe I slowly began to think I didn't deserve to feel okay in who I am.

Life is funny. Its funny that at one moment we can be totally destroyed and a little while later, we can be great. I find peace in that.

Happy Friday!

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Angelique said...

Hey Fran, ran across your blog while perusing the websites of some of the Bonnie hall look so great (I just cut bangs too):) Fun to read about your (beautiful) condo and life in Seattle, hope you are well.