Saturday, October 6, 2007


I cut bangs. Again. I'm not sure I like them. Crap! But alas they will grow out. They always do.

I used to cut my hair all kinds of ways. I was always trying something new and it changed as often as the seasons. And I was never scared to cut it. However, since growing my hair out long, I feel very protective of it. The woman was cutting away today and I almost grabbed the scissors and threw them outside! "What is she doing!?" I kept thinking. Let's be honest, I can sometimes be dramatic. Give it a few days and I'm sure it will be fine. I posted the only picture I liked after multiple macbook camera poses. We'll see.


Katy said...

i love the bangs. gorgeous i tell ya. bangs:::fresh and soft.

Sally said...


hales02 said...

love the fringe. actually considering doing it me-self, too. gorgeous!