Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Under the stars @ Snow Lake

Last Saturday was an exceptionally beautiful Seattle day. Sunny. Golden leaves all around. And a forecast of zero precipitation. Zero. Very odd. A much anticipated hike + camp was planned. Bess, Josh, Tyson and I set out for the Mt. Baker-Snowqualmie National Forest only to find the original destination's trail head access closed. A quick phone call to a friend and we were on our way to another nearby hike, Snow Lake. The hike was beautiful...except for the giant blisters on my heels (new boots) and the fact that it seemed as though all of Seattle decided to be on the hike too. Even Elsie (doggie) pulled her weight with a small dog pack. After scouting for a campsite we liked, the usual preparations took place: off with the pack, find a nice, flat spot, put up the tent. Somewhere back in Seattle a little sack of tent poles sat. No poles! Alas, the four of us slept under the stars. It was cold but our sleeping bags kept us warm. And amazing: no Seattle rain.

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