Thursday, October 20, 2011

Honeymoon {Milos Island, Greece}

Sitting in our seats en route to Athens I had that dreamy almost sedated feeling of anticipation. A Trip. Trips are so magical and also so rare and special that sitting in my seat I tried very hard to ground myself in the various points of the itinerary. Segments. And even now I think back on the experience in those segments and how very unique and special they all were. 
Our trip began in Milos. Well, truthfully it began in Athens but for some reason Athens doesn't come up as a segment in my brain. Sure it is the first place we stepped off the train and onto dirty, cobblestone streets of the winding European nature. We exhaustedly dropped our bags to scurry quickly up to Mt. Likavittos just in time to catch the sunset over all of the Athens. The Acropolis standing tall in the distance lighting up as the sun sank lower. 

The following morning we were on the first ferry to Milos at 7am. We nearly missed it too. Running. As fast as I could run with my pack, we crossed the boarding plank just as it was lifted away and the ropes undone. Yikes. We quickly ordered a coffee. Specifically a Greek Coffee. Not a Turkish coffee. One should never order it as such. Like a layer of coffee silt it was so thick. We sat back. And anticipated what was to be our home for the next four days.

The decision to go to Milos came at the urging of our Greek friends, Tim and Demetri - they have a cousin on the island who owns a restaurant called Gialos. We were promised good food, good company and the most amazing beaches. And tucked inside an already generous wedding gift from Tim was a sealed envelope with the words, "Present this envelope to Achilleus by way of introduction" written on the outside. 

When we disembarked the ferry on Milos we crossed the street and rented a scooter. It was as simple as that. Within minutes we were zipping along narrow country roads, wind in our faces and sunshine already hot despite the fact it was not yet noon. In a scene that felt not so different from a movie, we zoomed along looking out at the ocean and farms, taking in the fact that the adventure had just begun. I actually feel strongly that those first simple minutes riding on the back of our scooter are some of my favorite memories. I remember a feeling of such overwhelming happiness. I felt so far away and so grateful for being there. 

Looking at a map we knew we needed to head to the small town of Pollonia, and specifically, to the restaurant called Gialos. It still blows my mind how easy it was. We rolled up, asked for either Christos or Achilleus. Within minutes Christos, Achillius's business partner in the restaurant, arrived kissing us on both cheeks, and offered us an espresso. He was so happy to see us and so warm. "Do you have a place to stay?" he asked. And since we didn't he was quick to say, "Follow me." and we followed him on his scooter over to a friend's small, white hotel on the beach. Within minutes we were settled into simple but adorable room-with-a-view and a balcony to boot. We had arrived. 

I think we planned on staying three nights on Milos Island. 
We ended up staying five. 

Highlights include:
+ A seemingly rabid dog who attacked us while we were riding our scooter!
+ Baked Feta: 

+ We took what seemed like a pirate ship to a private beach called Kleftico. We jumped, we swam. We toured around the caves and snorkeled. And they served us the most spectacular meal right on the ship! Tyson declares this his favorite meal of the trip.

+ Dusty gravel roads that lead down to insanely beautiful beaches, including:
Sarakinikos, for cliff jumping. No sand, all smooth rock. A moon-like beach. 


Tsigrado, where one had to climb down through a skinny crack in a rock wall by way of a rope and ladder to get there: 



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oh lordy!! franny, these AMAZE! the back flip really says it all.

hales02 said...

wow. these pics really tell the story. love you lovies!