Tuesday, October 25, 2011

His Lobster.

So, for forever my older brother declared he would never marry. I guess that statement usually stands until you find the one who makes you want to marry them. Enter Jamie << the coolest chica on the planet. The gal will bow-hunt and clean her own, she's a flight nurse (bad ass!) AND she adores my brother. All good qualities. We were in MN recently for their wedding and it was a total blast. Oh My Gawd was it a good time. Welcome to the family, Jamie! I miss you all already, fam!

I did have a teeny bit of a meltdown at the Minneapolis airport though = Tears. Lots of'em. Lets just say the weekend was a bit of a "Roots" weekend. In the span of four days I managed to tick off just about everything that could possibly pull on the heartstrings for nostalgia and Minnesota. It was fall outside, which, just creates a backdrop of reflection in general. I drove past my old high school en route to my brother's wedding. Then I spent tons of time talking and catching up with all my relatives of whom I have not seen in YEARS. Oh and then there was the fact that the day after the wedding Tyson and I drove up to my Alma Mater and I gave him a little tour of CSBSJU. And I guess in reality it became more of a tour for me considering every other sentence was something to the tune of, "Oh my gosh!...and we used to do this and this and this and this!" Even the same bartender who was serving me beer in 2001 poured us a cold one that day. It was magic. Then all of my girlfriends and their kids and husbands/partners got together for a pizza night and I looked around the room at all the teeny life bouncing around and my heart just broke a little. Why is it that there are so many incredible people in MN, and other good stuff too, and yet I live in Seattle? But also, I just adore my life in Seattle and feel all comfy here and well, its just not all that simple and black and white.

Do any of you live somewhere other than where you grew up? And if so, how do you manage all of those emotions?

And check out my parents! The team who have been married 41+ years and STILL GOT IT! Ok, so this first picture was taken at my wedding a few weeks back (clear from the drunken bride in the background) but frankly I haven't had a chance to post about mine and I just loved this picture. They sure do love to dance at weddings. Cheers to married people!

**For those of you who don't know, His Lobster is in reference to a Friends episode. Friends rules.

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oldest and wisest brother said...

love ya sister and is always good to see and have ya around... as for living out of state i only traveled for weeks then came hm sooo i cant help ya there.. except when amy johnson died and they would'nt let me come home it sucked love ya live life to the fullest brian