Thursday, October 27, 2011


A group of us made the annual trip to the patch last weekend. GOOD STUFF! Even though Fall is sort of getting me down at the moment. A change in the season always seems to shake me and mess up my mind a little bit. I get so frustrated too because for me I really believe that your mood is something you can totally manipulate if you want to. But lately, I've just been a big baby grump.

Maybe the new Feist album will help? Or some of the amazing sh*t that KEXP is rolling out after their recent trip to Reykjavik for Airwaves '11. Tomorrow they are hosting a FREE show called Reykjavik Calling - it just might turn this ship around for me.

Here is a goodness example, Snorri Helgason performing from his latest album, Winter Sun:

Or there's always the Jay Z Pandora station which makes my soul sparkle a little bit with each song.

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