Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rod and Gun.

Just came across a little spot mentioned in the NYTimes that seems like a cool place, but also a great concept. Brooklyn Rod and Gun, as stated in the article, is a social club on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, and was started by a handful of fathers as a place to play music and talk about their outdoor adventures.

Um, sounds awesome.

At its root, Brooklyn Rod and Gun is a place to hang out and meet lovers of the outdoors. There are fly-tying tutorials on Mondays.

Adventures make me happy in life, so a place that is dedicated to the concept, discussion and promotion of adventure seems like somewhere I would like be! I hope you all are heading off on some adventure of your own this holiday weekend. We are driving south to sit in a canoe and camp with our friends near Mt Hood. Whooopie!

Here's the full slideshow:

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