Friday, June 17, 2011


So yeah, I feel bashful in writing because frankly I haven't written in so long I feel like I am no longer skilled in conveying emotion or capturing experiences. This is so frustrating! The constant flow of wedding tasks and details is what takes the extra space in my brain that used to be allocated to creativity.

With that said, I did just experience one of the best weekends of my entire life. I returned from Minnesota just after midnight on Sunday, which made it Monday, I guess. A trip mostly planned for the purpose of celebrating my bachelorette party, but also to see my family and experience the sun and warmth that is Minnesota during the summertime.

Per usual, I planned every single second of the trip as to maximize social interaction with those of which I do not see very often. Starting with a 10:30pm airport pick-up on Wednesday night courtesy of my friend Ann V and my other girlfriend, Doreen -who also happened to be in MN for her bachelorette party. We scooted over to our pal Tim's house and spent several hours gabbing into the wee hours. I am always amazed at the level of ease at how the four of us just slip right back into chatting like no time has passed. Literally it would be like we had breakfast the day before.

Thursday morning I was up early eager to see my Grandma Peg! Of course we had just the best time ever chatting and munching and sipping coffee for the entire morning. She is the best, that Gma P. Crow picked me up en route to the next engagement and we headed to the Minneapolis Peace Gardens to have a light picnic lunch with girlfriends and their adorable offspring!

It was lovely to see Emily - a college friend who I have not seen since the day we graduated - and hug her and just say hello like it was easy peasy.

Then I headed west towards my family! I popped by Trader Joe's to meet my Mama and we headed straight to a pedicure establishment. By the time I saw my Papa he was chuckling to himself at my CRAZY schedule dreams. Thursday proved to be family awesomeness as I was invited to play sand volleyball on my brother + wife's weekly bar league.

Because I love volleyball and because I become ugly competitive in these sort of matters, I was totally psyched. My family nested in at the bar to enjoy dinner and Jora and her new HUBBY joined us! We sipped Coors Light and tried our luck at pull tabs. And if you don't know what pull tabs are well then I'm sorry, go to the mid-west.

In the end, I think we won $400 or something - an outcome that is not common for all you teetering-on-the-fence gamblers out there. But yeah, it was great! The family just chatted and ate and sipped and won money. Good times. Then our 9:45pm game rolled around and sure enough I wanted to kill everyone on the other side of the net. The game was a nail-biter and came literally down to the last point. So fun! We lost. Not so fun.

Can I just say, all of the above ALL BEFORE my big bachelorette weekend!? So great! Ok, phew. I'll save the girly details for my next post, but first let me leave you with a pic of my friend Kesney's little man, Cormac, who is "driving" his new Beamer. That little guy is going to break some hearts!

Life is great. Busy, but great.

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