Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Yak City.

I was witness to a shop in Yakima by the title: New Yak City. One of the many pun-heavy signs in a city of drastic dichotomy: folks in giant trucks blaring country music contrasted by the stunning natural backdrop of mountains and orchards and people flocking to wine taste in the rolling vineyards in the area.

I'll just say it, we made Yakima our bitch last weekend. As Tyson was hot to summit Mt Baker I made plans to get out of town to meet some girlfriends. And since the weather in Seattle was going to resemble that of November we headed east over the mountains to chase the sunshine.

With no real concrete plan I met up with Lindsay just outside of Yakima at an RV park around 9pm. We should have known what we were in for but since the camping isn't great in that area we had to sort of make due with what we found: A tee-pee! The RV park wasn't my favorite place to call home (sorry Mom and Dad!) and since we were on the reservation we were technically not supposed to drink, but we built a small fire and poured ourselves a glass of wine, and we had a great night!

On Saturday we met up with Erin at a little brunch spot and tried to make a plan for our day. Biking? Wine? We had booked a room at bed and breakfast at the very last second and figured we should check in, drop our stuff and just go from there.

When rolled up to the mansion, it was evident that we'd upped the ante significantly from our previous night in the RV park. The B&B was spectacular! Clearly the website did not do it justice!

And since the owner wasn't home she just let us in via the door code and told us to look around, so naturally we toured every room.

From there we decided to drop the Sideways vision of biking our way through wineries and opted instead to drive twenty minutes to the Zillah region, as most of the wineries are pretty spread out.

Did I mention that it was 55 and rainy and terrible in Seattle, and the while it was 80s and sunny gorgeous in Yakima.

After five wineries and nearly two cases of purchased wine found its way to the back of our car, we pretty much decided we had the best day ever.

I'll also note here that I've made an official decision that I need to own and operate a winery for the second half of my life = starting at 55-ish. Please hold me to this declaration, as it is a need-based dream.

Sunday we lathered up the sunscreen and soaked in another 80+ degree day in the sun scooting around on our bikes. We road a 20-mile loop through stunning landscapes and zipped past orchards and wineries. It was bliss.

For three gals who did not have their shit together even on the preceding Thursday, I must say we pulled off a pretty spectacular weekend. That makes two girl's weekends in a row that have totally rocked my world. And after last summer where I felt like I didn't really do a whole lot, summer 2011 is starting out pretty stellar.

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