Saturday, April 9, 2011


Things were looking up today. As the day drew to a close so did the clouds and rain, and alas a sunny evening landed in our laps. Per my conversation with Gma Peg the other day I suppose I need to start blogging again. "I got on the computer today and there is was, and I thought to myself 'Not that damn graham cracker still!'" She sure is feisty that darling Grandma.


All I seem to do is release heavy Sighs lately in the hopes that a lull is on the horizon. A lull at work. A lull in the wedding planning. A lull in the clouds and the rain in Seattle. A lull in the growing size of a piece of my Papa's heart. Things have been pretty heavy.

I also think this time of year is perpetually hard for me. Winter has over stayed its welcome and yet summer still feels so far away. My hermit-like winter motivation for projects has waned and all I want to do in the evenings after work is just sit. Sit. But sitting doesn't make me feel good either. I like to feel productive. Doing things. Making things. And when I sit around I end up feeling worse than before. Wow, what an uplifting blog, Grandma!

I'll admit though, I started writing this blog in the doldrums that was Seattle last week and I didn't finish it. And now I sit in a coffee shop in Chicago - the sun is shining and it is NINETY degrees outside. Serious freedom in terms of bare shoulders and warm air. Insert happy sigh. I'm here for work but arrived a few days early to visit with friends and I think the change in scenery is just what I needed to kick me in the ass. I feel like I've been wishing the days away and just slogging through them and I'm ready to get back to Seattle and hopefully channel this energy into goodness.

Happy weekends, folks. I'm back!


jamieofalltrades said...

I've been thinking the exact same thing! I haven't had any motivation to do anything and I hate that. You put it so well. This might just be the thing I need to kick my butt into gear! xxoo

jhoran403 said...

I like it...I too was growing weary of that damn graham cracker. Happy to read a little snippet of something new...hope things continue to get better. Summer is close.