Saturday, April 16, 2011


Its Saturday morning. I've already been on a six-mile run and now I'm sitting here listening to This American Life and sipping coffee. Does it get any better than this?

The fact is, I think I have come out of the fog. In the various places I've worked since moving to Seattle I've encountered folks who ask for those special lights in an effort to thwart the effects of the endless cloudy days. Unconsciously I think I laughed off the notion of actually being effected by the weather. But after being in the sunshine of Chicago last week I returned to Seattle with a new sense of productivity. I'm notorious for feeling guilty if I'm not productive, but in the last few months I've only felt fueled to sit and relax, maybe read my book. Which, is cool, but I guess there was also this deeper layer of heaviness and fatigue that was wearing me out. In the last two days I've felt lighter and more my sprite-like self. I've been singing at work again and my energy level isn't forced. I sort of feel like I've been wearing a mascot costume - perhaps of the giant bear variety - and everything I did in the costume wore me out, because it was so damn heavy! And that face! The face wasn't mine but some angry, stressed-out semblance of furry fury. This week I resigned as the mascot of Agro Life and BAM! Shit feels light! I like myself a whole lot better when I'm light and not sweating and angry under that costume!

In the meantime, I have been obsessing over Patagonia's new digital surf catalog. Not because I'm a surfer, but because its so rich with great content and inspiring messaging. First of all, Patagonia never ceases to amaze me with their brand and the creative content they push out to the world. Yes, I'm sure they like selling things yadda yadda yadda, but they also just want to make quality products, and people happy when they wear them.

I've also been steadily obsessing about what I want to do with my life professionally. I found this video on page two of the digital surf catalog incredibly cool. Plus it features the founder of Patagonia who is just this super great older guy that I'd love to invite to dinner or take camping. Take a minute and watch it {click the yellow play button near the bottom}, and flip through the whole thing to see other cool videos and general awesomeness.
Definitely makes me want to strive to always do something I enjoy and not be afraid to take risks in my life. I was terrified last year at this time, when Tyson and I were road-tripping through New Zealand and en route to Australia to play in the ocean, about what it would be like when I returned to Seattle and where I was going to generate an income. Alas, I am here. And I am fine.

I've been thinking about my parents and their brave decision to up and move to a forty-acre farm in their late twenties. Two kids, one on the way. And no farm experience. Pretty ballsy. There are definitely realities that can be romanticized when thinking about taking risks and following your dreams, and they had to give up some things for sure. It wasn't all paradise and "easy living" and in fact it was a ton of work. But I guess my parents have never done anything in-line with the path of least resistance and though it drove me insane as a child, they have lived a pretty great life thus far.

Life has seemed pretty monotonous lately and the restless soul inside me is ready to ditch the hot sweaty mascot and shake things up! It feels good to be excited and inspired again.


suzie sanborn said...

great post Andrea! Glad you are feeling good..

hales02 said...

me gusta you. hearts.