Monday, April 11, 2011


Do you ever feel like all of a sudden you don't know who you are or what you're doing in life? It may not hang around, this feeling, but sort of pops in to the corners of your brain and for a brief period messes up your psyche and makes you question all kinds of stuff. I'm SO notorious for being susceptible to this type of thinking when I travel, too. New and different surroundings, and people living and working in their respective universes that are different from mine never fails in making me reflect on my own surroundings and evaluate them with a fresh perspective. Sometimes good! And sometimes not so good.

Being in Chicago has been wonderful, and spending time with Dave and Jen refreshing. I think I'm just in some career crisis where I've reached my limit. I've had bad days in all of my jobs, and limits have been reached. Let's not forget last year's epic hiatus in New Zealand. But I guess I feel the years of jumping ship for another job aren't enough anymore. I need to find a niche that I'm excited about. And I don't even know where to start thinking or looking for it. I do know I hate ruminating and worrying about it. Which doesn't help. I get it, I know. Its just daunting, and easier to keep doing what I know and what I have experience doing.

At least as I type this Vampire Weekend's 'Run' crept up through my ear pods and surprised me with a little jolt of warm fuzzies that only a great song can afford.

Even better than a good song was the incredible day we had here in Chicago yesterday. The sun was shining and the temperature dipped into the 80s. The weather was classic midwestern in its humidity and yet completely welcome in my eyes as I've stared down rain and clouds for far too long. Bring on the heat, baby! We headed off to grab a bite at a cafe and sat outside. We spent some time playing catch and volleyball in a nearby park. Then we retreated back to Dave and Jen's for a BBQ dinner on their backyard patio. More outside eating. Bare skin exposed to a warm breeze. Grilled portabellos with goat cheese, and a pineapple.

Now someone give me a new career. Thanks.

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