Monday, April 18, 2011


I've been extremely antsy for spring, a mistake I am making even writing about it in this post. After six years in this city, I should be schooled in the ways of the devious little weather who taunts us and then sneers with delight in the event we ever believe that summer will arrive before July 5. In any case, in an effort to will spring and summer Tyson and I geared up in all our outdoor *brights* (including shorts) and decided to go camping on Saturday night. Somehow we were able to convince Buckley and Pete to come too and as we headed east on I90 ominous clouds delivered rain drops on our windshield. Undeterred, we stayed the course!

Upon arrival at our unsanctioned campsite we pulled out our camp chairs - and our down puffer coats - and settled in with a beer, and a view of the river and mountains.

Lisa and Pete arrived and we ended up having the best time around the campfire! We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and then Lisa lead a sweet sing-a-long with her guitar = random melodies and hapless lyrics of hilarity all while Pete kept the beat with a small maraca. I fully know that you had to be there to understand how hilarious this was. And frankly, I'm sorry you all weren't there. It was THAT great. And funny.

On Sunday Tyson and I continued east toward the lovely town of Rosyln with the intention of going on a hike, but there was still way too much snow and no way to get to the trailhead. Thankfully smarty Tyson brought our Swiss Bob sled for which all things it touches turn to fun. We hiked up and found a nice long route and spent a good hour+ sledding in the sunshine. Eff off, winter. But thanks for the snow 'cause it was fun to go sledding. Oh and I bought a Groupon for one last snowboarding pass for the year so I guess you can stick around until after that.

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