Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little people rule.

Cormac turns ONE! One. Year. Old.
And he demolished his cake until he eventually rubbed it into the cavern of his nose. It was both hilarious and adorable, and a bit sad as I don't think he was loving that part too much. But up until that point, to quote his mother Kes, he was even above average at destroying his very own little birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Cormie! I can't wait to see what miracle skills you'll excell at in 2011!

Matthew and Eleanor continue to rock in all things life. Per usual, Tyson built many a log cabin with Matthew and the two of them kept us both laughing non-stop. Matthew's personality continues to be genuinely sweet while always itching to build things and know more about how things work. I keep waiting for him to hit that phase where he maybe isn't as darling and maybe even pushes the limits a bit more, but alas, I guess I'll just keep waiting. Eleanor is mumbling and yelling and talking...all in her own little person language. I can understand about one in every fifteen words but I feel she is just days away from blurting out the "english" we are waiting patiently to hear. I swear we are going to wake up one day and she will just say, "bring me some water and a piece of toast" and we'll all look at each other stunned. She's that close. But in the mean time, in the words of my father, she just spins around like a tornado. So much energy. I wish I could bottle it up and sell it or inject it.

I love all these little people!

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