Monday, January 17, 2011


I follow a blog called Greedy Girl, and frankly, I become a greedy girl myself because all the things she is greedy for I become equally greedy.

Like, for instance, this super cool fish necklace:

And are you kidding me with this dress? Amazing.

This gal's effortless-looking style is adorable:

And then there are the inevitable house-envy photos I've collected for inspiration as of late. What I find most irritating is the fact that my style and taste seem to mold and change with each amazing home I stumble across.

I love the kitschy colors and patterns mixed with some modern and industrial pieces in the photo below. Basically, I love the mix represented here, and I feel like I am always pulled in the direction of this "mix-y" style but inevitably I abandon ship to just go for simple and clean.

More like these, which, are totally awesome:::::

I love this bedroom:

Sigh...what I wouldn't give for that sunshine pouring in.

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