Friday, January 28, 2011


So, we got a car. After nearly fourteen months without wheels, my ever so darling Papa made the trip west in our new-but-old 2003 Volvo wagon last week. From Minnesota to Seattle, Washington. That's right, five mountain passes and a whole lot of time alone with his thoughts. We cannot thank you enough, Pops! Plus, it was totally great having a few days afterward to just sit and gab it up with him in all matters concerning our wedding planning, childhood nastalgia and even a visit to Boeing's Museum of Flight to blow our minds on how crazy the whole design and build process is for those big winged things we ride in in the sky.

Tyson zipped around town in our car showing my dad the chosen wedding sites - Parson's Garden where we plan to say our vows, and 415 Westlake where we plan to celebrate afterward! We also had an opportunity to taste our wedding food and check out some possible housing for our out-of-town family and friends. Each night we'd settle into a different haunt and gab on and on while sipping a few beers. Having Pops here was in a word, fabulous. I just adore him, and I'm so grateful for all of his help in my life.

On another note, we can drive. Freedom. Let it ring. I have successfully driven in to work twice this week. A perk that allows me AT LEAST an extra thirty minutes in the morning, if not more. Plus I have the priceless luxury of jamming to various tunes while I press the gas peddle. Peter Cetera, Kings of Leon, and I am not ashamed to admit it, but even Sarah McLachlan stayed on and did not get skipped for another station., so fun.

I almost can't believe we lived this long without a car. And I am amazed at the difference it has made in only a few short days. How quickly your actions change. A difference, but not necessarily a better difference. I suddenly feel a rush for anticipated errands and I was stuck in traffic the other night on my way to choir practice thinking, "I forgot about this part." Better in a lot of ways yes, but I am still so glad for the time sans wheels. It was great to learn that I could navigate the city in so many other ways, and even commute to Kent, WA without having to pay car insurance or a monthly payment for the car itself. And GAS! Wow. It is $3.50-ish a gallon here these days. Freedom is great, but freedom is also spendy.

Freedom is getting us out and up to Mt. Baker this weekend though, and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to get out of town! This will be the greatest perk of all with regards to our freedom. We haven't spent nearly as much time outside and engaged in adventures over the past year, and our world is about to change! World, here we come. Stay tuned.

Have great weekends!

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