Saturday, May 8, 2010


Ok, so for those of you who aren't in the mood for a superficial post, just move on now 'cause I'm about to start talking clothes and closets.

Having just traveled for a period of four months, the ability to transport my closet came in the form of exactly two backpacks. Therefore, I reduced the daily outfit options to about ten percent of my closet. Initially I wasn't that pumped about having to confine myself, and the labor involved in picking which items went and which items stayed wasn't easy. However, once I was away from the closet and my options were so very limited and clear, I realized that its actually more fun to mix and match among a smaller pool of candidates. I was more creative and I could actually see everything in my closet and I liked all of the items. Novel.

This less-is-more principle applies not just for the closet, but for everything! For instance, having tons of purses and accessories is irritating in that I end up trying to apply those pieces to my mood or my current style. Yes, I realize that is the point of having multiple options, but its also just a bit overwhelming. Today though, I realized I love the fact that I have a classic, neutral-colored handbag that's also giant so I can fit everything in it. And regardless of other purses I may have (a clutch per say), ninety-five percent of the time I use this same giant one. This is lucky for me because I purchased it at a high price THREE YEARS AGO. Which brings me to my next point: If I spend a little more on something it not only tends to last longer but I tend to actually care for it and like it longer. Next item. I bought expensive sunglasses this year and just like the purse, they are classic. I wear them everyday without question. I love them. I will wear them hopefully much like the purse, for the next three years or more if I can make it happen. Same with my watch. I love my watch, and its the only one I own so I don't have to think about which one to wear. See these easy principles stringing together?

Now, anyone who knows me is probably near tears laughing inside because THEY KNOW I have more vintage dresses than I can count, and in a spectrum ranging from turquoise prom style - I have legitimately worn this dress to a wedding - to my rainbow of colors hippie dress that would make Mr. Garcia proud. I have shoes. I have pants. And jeans. Lots of jeans. I have sweaters and blazers from Banana Republic from 2001. And my style seems to vacillate daily between classic, neutral colors to makes-no-sense patterns and color. Basically I'm all over the place.

What's my point? Coming back from my simple closet in New Zealand and unpacking all of the stored closet items is giving me anxiety and identity crisis. Too many things. Too many options. And too many personalities. I feel terrible even writing this post too as there are probably so many people who are struggling at the current time and I'm blabbing on about too much stuff and what a problem it is. I just know I'm overwhelmed, and hopefully by this weekend I'll have things under control.

Also, my good friend Aylin went through a phase while I was abroad where she was fanatically gutting her house too. She passed along some helpful blogs and articles that I'm hoping to reference.
Or just the blog:

Let the weeding commence.

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Ginger Kitten said...

feel free to clutter my closet with your castoffs. xx