Friday, May 21, 2010

some people are awesome.

A package arrived yesterday. Inside the box were four books, recommended and sent by someone I've never met before. When I was in New Zealand, I received an email from a gentleman containing some most complimentary words about my blog. Floored by his kindness and the fact that he'd taken time out of his day to send me a happy note of goodness, I smiled ear to ear. Turns out, he's also a St. John's alum and he owns a bookstore in St. Paul, MN. = Micawbers Book Store! Over the course of a few emails he requested that Tyson and I put together a little list of books we're interested in, and he promised to send us a package when we arrived back safely in the states. True to his word the books arrived yesterday and he even tucked in a little note for Tyson.

Some people are just awesome in general. Mr. Hans is one of those people. THANK YOU!

He also keeps a blog about books that's totally great: and his store was named City Pages Best New Book Store for 2010. Please go and support this amazing store and amazing person!

Have great weekends, everyone.
Good stuff all around.

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