Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After my mind was blown in Cairns, Tyson and I headed south via yet another rental car and drove 2,169 kilometers to Byron Bay - just south of Brisbane on the East Coast. Our plan was to finally set down some roots, stay more than a day in one place and finally feel our toes in some sand. For three days we literally woke up early and headed straight to the beach. It was spectacular. Like we were on crack, we played in the ocean for hours until we were exhausted. Each day the conversation went something like this: "Should we go in yet? We've been out in the sun for like, six hours." ...."Yeah we probably should. Maybe after the next giant wave. But, let's wait for a really, really good one to end on." A giant wave would come blasting through and whether we were attempting to surf, boogie boarding or just trying body surfing it was never quite the last one. Never quite giant enough. Even though secretly I think we both just kept wanting to stay in the salty drink.

Yes I wore sunscreen.

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