Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday in MN.

Finally a moment to reflect and post about our trip to MN for the holidays.

Christmas was great! We landed in Minneapolis to a welcome train of inches and inches of snow. A white Christmas is truly underrated. Having Grandma P live so close to the airport, we decided to crash with her on the eve and listen to various college choirs sing carols while we waited for the famous cinnamon rolls to rise.

Christmas day and tons and tons of snow! So much that papa had to plow the drive with his giant man machine and the "kids" had to build a snowman.

It was great having everyone together though, and Christmas is just totally different with all the kids around. Crazier. And with a little more "Christmas magic". My mom surprised all the kids with foam dart guns and immediately a dart war ensued. Those guns were worth every penny as the dart wars went on whizzing around for hours throughout our whole visit in MN.

And Jora and her new fiance Adam popped by to say hello! I'm so happy for them and pumped to see them tie the knot next year on NYE!

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