Monday, December 14, 2009

oh Jenna.

So, something terrible has happened to me this year. Just when I thought I needed to stop my maddening obsession with Anthropologie - to which I'd like to rename, Apology because I feel like they should apologize for having so many cute and overpriced things - I have now slipped into a dark place with a new and total love for J Crew. I love how their clothing always has a pop of color or shiny adornments, making their pieces classic, but beautiful.

Jenna Lyons is known in New York as the woman who made J Crew hip this year. I had no idea who she was, still don't really, but I would notice the in-store displays and catalog spreads touting "Jenna's Picks!" and found myself curious.

Not surprisingly then, Jenna has used her razor-sharp style intuition to renovate and design her tall, slender 1890s house in Brooklyn, which she and her husband, artist Vincent Mazeau, rescued. The house was a two-year project before it became a home.

Usually I like things more in the vein of modern, clean either I'm having a girlie day mentally, or I'm seeing and realizing the value in a few soft pieces mixed in.

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