Thursday, December 10, 2009

Renter relief.

Holy Cow.
I hesitate in even writing this as my potential renter gal HAS signed the lease, but we have not done the exchange of funds just yet. That plan is scheduled for tomorrow evening. I'm just holding my breath because this process of finding a renter has been incredibly stressful. So stressful in fact that I seem to have given myself some mild TMJ and my face hurts like crazy.

You know that feeling when you are interviewing for a job you really want? And you're super pumped, but you don't want to get too excited, because you don't want to jinx it? Yeah I felt that. And, I also felt as though I couldn't really get super pumped for New Zealand yet, OR start packing or getting ready because we had to keep the house just perfect for showings. So with all that said, I'm am just overflowing with waves of excitement and anticipation. I can't believe it! We're off!

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