Friday, December 11, 2009

buh bye.

Tyson and I decided to have a little going away gathering last week. Instead of hosting though, we just told everyone to go to this strange, little dive bar really close to our house. 'Round 8:30pm.
Girly picture, minus a few:

Oh it was so fun to have nearly all of our friends in one place. Tipping drinkies back and playing shuffle board or telling a joke or something.

And alas, we closed the bar down -which doesn't usually happen these days anymore. For this, we paid dearly on Sunday. All of Sunday, until Sunday was totally over and we went to sleep waiting for a new, better-feeling day. But oh it was worth it. People have been so fun and excited for us that its wonderful. And really, all of our friends have helped us to get to this journey. People have suggestions, words of advice and ultimately support. My parents! Gosh my parents have been so cool and positive and supportive. Its really great.


Of course I've been totally nostalgic in thinking about leaving (even if it is for just a few months). First friends in Seattle:

New friends in Seattle:

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Have a blast on your adventure!!!